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Thursday, June 08, 2006

88.867 MPG, Yeah baby!

So after having the new carburetor from PowerSportsFactory on my Phantom for a couple weeks, I've finally taken the time to check my fuel mileage. Almost 89 miles per gallon on this most recent tank of gas! The scooter seems to be really running well though I still want to pull the carb and downsize the main jet from the 120 I am currently running to a 114 or 116, depending on what size is in my jet tin. I think its running rich and going just a little leaner would not only further improve the gas mileage but let it rev a little cleaner as well.

So, thanks again, PowerSportsFactory for the great technical and parts support. Being able to sit a traffic lights idling is a huge improvement over constantly fussing with a stumbling carburetor.

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